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Printing 101

Halftones - how to make gray using tiny dots of black ink

CMYK Process Printing - how to approximate full color using tiny dots of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and blacK ink

Linescreens - the linescreen determines how tiny the tiny dots of ink are

Color Separations and Film - what is film? is it like the film in my camera?

Offset Lithography - the printing technology typically used for printing the insert and traycard

Screen Printing - the printing technology typically used for on-disc printing

Gang Run Printing - how grouping several jobs on a single press sheet makes printing affordable

How To Use Mr. Toad's Templates

Disc template - an explanation of the EPS mask, the mirror band, the clear inner hub, etc.

All other templates - a few words about the templates for our paper products

Why you should use our templates - Try them! You'll like them!

Why we only supply templates in Quark Xpress - sorry, no Illustrator templates available

Where to find Mr. Toad's Templates...

Strategies For Effective Disc Design

Spot Colors Inks - Spot color = mixing inks in a bucket; CMYK process = mixing colors with the eye

The Clear Inner Hub - near the center, the metal stops and severe color variation starts

The Mirror Band - a slender, highly reflective ring that can interfere with type

Printing on Silver - several ways to use the CD's reflective surface to your advantage

Limitations of Screen Printing - dot gain, tonal jump, and other gremlins

Flood Coats - like using primer before painting

Managing tonal range - when to limit ink percentages, when to clip them

Two Ink Greyscale - a trick for making a screened back image print properly on disc

Stylize! - effective artistic disc design through aggressive tweaking

Technical Critiques Of Professional Disc Designs

Elvis Costello - a white undercoat would have made life so much simpler

Los Lobos - minimalists, in more than one sense

Ani DiFranco - learns from her mistakes

Windham Hill Compilation - the peril of knocking out serif type through multiple inks

Flaco Jimenez - you'll have to take my word for it that it's Flaco's disc, since his name isn't on it

Shawn Colvin - shocking new lows in legibility

Vaughan Williams - type in the mirror band on a classical CD layout?!

Designing For Ink, Not Light

RGB vs. CMYK- two very different ways of representing color

Registration Nightmare #1 - printing fine rules with multiple inks

Registration Nightmare #2 - tiny type colored with a CMYK build

Registration Nightmare #3 - don't worry, trapping can help

Registration Nightmare #4 - tiny white type knocked out through several inks

Rich Black vs. Plain Black - on the computer screen, all blacks look the same; in print, they can look very different from each other

Overprinting Black - the easiest way to make type look great, every time

Resolution Requirements - how much is enough?  what's effective resolution? is it possible for the resolution to be too high?

Proof Early, Proof Often

Mockups and Folding Dummies - no CD layout should ever go to press unless a rough proof has been printed out, cut up, folded, and placed in a jewel case

Proofreading - there's a right way and a wrong way

Paper Separations - taking responsibility for where ink goes down, rather than leaving it up to someone else

Formatting and Layout

Bleeds and Safety Margins - living on the edge

Registration Targets and Crop Marks - if you're using our templates, all you have to do is avoid moving, deleting, obscuring or otherwise adulterating them; if not, read this

Spine Design - make them read like a book on a shelf would

Minimizing film costs - using our templates is the most important first step

For The Novice

Disecting the Basic Package - what's a 4 panel folder? what's 4/K mean?

DIY Design Tips - I don't have Quark - what do I do?

File Management

Acceptable File Formats for Placed Images - to sum up: TIFF and EPS are good, everything else is bad

How to supply files to us - what we need from you and how it should be organized

Fonts, Fonts, Fonts - make sure we've got everything we need, including every last piece of every last font

Menu Styled Fonts - avoid using the style keys, unless you have read and understood this complicated explanation of how they work

Efficient Printing - how to avoid getting charged extra because you've submitted files that take forever to print


Bar codes - how to use them, how to get one free from us

Backing up your files - be aware of standard practice in the graphics industry

Clean the scanner bed - 'nuff said.

Quark Bugs - the infamous "TIFF over background: none"

Graph-oops - a laundry list of technical flaws that we've encountered; if you understand all of these, you're an expert

Further Study

Web Links - online design resources

Recommended Reading - books and magazines... remember them?

Discussion Forums - usenet

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